"The School of Wizards and Witches"

is a unique storytelling online family theatre "Quest" game set in a Grimm fairytale world of  18th Century England.


You get to meet and interact with some fantastical characters and experience a thrilling and sometimes scary adventure.

Please note that the show can be quite intense at times, know your child. The monsters and storylines are of the Doctor Who, Harry Potter level scariness, so please expect, goblins, evil witches, zombies, ghosts, dragons, evil Jinn, werewolves etc... you have been warned :-)


Using moving sets, actors, puppets & magic, the audience of around twenty will have to work out how to complete the quest together by solving puzzles, gathering treasure, talking to characters and outwitting monsters.

Age 7 years to 107 years

(We have all ages coming and enjoying the show). 

Great for a thrilling birthday party, event or school bookings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

(for our theatre shows)

How does the show work?

The class (audience of up to 24 children and adults) sit around one half of the theatre which become either the Wizards Tower or the Crows Nest Inn which is set in an alternative 18th Century England. The other half of the space is divided by the Portal of Power, behind which the scene will change as it transports you to locations on your quest, such as dungeons, caves, sorcerers towers, tents, woodland clearings etc.

By working together with the four wizard school travellers (volunteers from the audience and  who change each time the portal opens) you learn and use magic, work out clues and hopefully succeeds in your journey.

Your lead Storymaster Professor will guide, help everyone get involved who wants to. The show will contain, creature masked actors, puppets, smoke, narrated soundscapes and props you can handle. It’s really fun! We have around ten different Quests for you to do.

What age is it suitable for?

We have different shows that have different scare levels. Most of our clients are families with children aged between 7 and 16 years old but have also had our minimum age 6 and adults as old as 90 years and they have enjoyed it in equal measure.

How scary is it?

I like to think we are at a level that is intense but not too scary. If you can handle the scary bits of Doctor Who or Harry Potter, you should be ok. If you are bringing children aged between 6-9 years, please think about if your child will enjoy scary creatures and situations. Please call us if you have any questions, we are also happy to say a friendly hello to them before the show to show them we are all lovely :-)

Do adults/ parents get involved?

As much as they want to. All through the show, you are all encouraged to work as a team, share information, come up with ideas and volunteer to go through the portal if they want to. Basically, if you don’t want to get involved, you don’t have to but you get more, the more you put in. If you are a large group of adults, I would, however, suggest booking a private party.

Do you have disability access?

We have had many people enjoy the show who have disabilities including, blindness and autism and have really enjoyed it. We don’t I’m afraid have wheelchair access and you do need to be able to go through the portal, however, you can get involved in the rest of the Tavern/ Wizards Tower and aid the quest.

Do I have to pay as a parent?

As with all theatre and cinema shows, yes, and I hope you enjoy it and also seeing your children (if you bring any) getting involved and enjoying the experience. All children must have an adult with them. I'm afraid you can't leave them with us... sorry..

I have a baby and or a child under 6 years old, can they come along and not get involved?


I'm afraid not. It's not fair on the other members of the audience or actors if the baby or child needs attention or disrupts the show.

How do you book?

Please book tickets from this website or call the theatre if the dates are not showing if it's later in the year.


"Top Class show"


"My boys have not stopped taking about it"


"So much fun"


"Can't wait to come again"


"They were all hooked"


"This is so awesome I’m definitely doing it



"Fantastic , Mystical and entertaining time had by all"